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  3. The Applicant understands that additional information in support of this application must be supplied to SHOWAL, if requested, before adequate consideration can be given to this application.

  4. The Applicant realises that any present or future indebtedness of the Applicant, or the Applicant’s business, to the SHOWAL may become due and payable if any information provided by the Applicant to the SHOWAL proves to be inaccurate or incomplete

  5. SHOWAL may ask for additional security before proceeding with your loan application. The level/type of security is determined on a customer by customer basis. Factors that affect the level of security required include (but are not limited to)
    • The net worth of the customer
    • The level of risk assessed to this application by the business manager The credit history of the customer
    • The information provided on this form

    SHOWAL staff will discuss loan security options with you after we have had an opportunity to review your application package, personal statement and credit history

  6. If your loan is over 5,000,000 NAIRA, SHOWAL requires that you secure life insurance to cover the loan. Even If your application is approved, no funds will be disbursed until the life insurance is in place. If you are unable to quality for life Insurance then SHOWAL reserves the right to reject the loan application
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