About Us


SHOWAL INVEST is a trading name of SHOWAL Integrated Services. Showal works with small and medium scale businesses and sometimes, individuals to raise the needed capital for their business.

Our vision is to grow our business, while delivering smart capital and investment solutions to our customers


Consumer finance


SHOWAL INVEST is committed to responsible lending. We will provide a loan decision in principle to applicants based on the information they provide in the online application form, sometimes, data from Credit Reference Agencies and other sources.


Applicants may be required to provide further documents to demonstrate proof of income, address and identity.


We will only approve a loan once all the checks have been satisfactorily done.





Business finance

Once a business or individual approaches us for financing and project need, we will then work with them on the best solution that suit their situation


If our approach is approved, an application will be made, following which we will work with our panel of investors to provide the needed finance for the business


It is our responsibility to ensure that the business manages the capital effectively and for the investors to get their agreed return on investment


We act as the enablers for businesses to assess capital for development and for investors to support such growth.








Contact our business advisors or manager about your business or financial need


Email for more information



Our team will advise you to make an application (fees are charged for the form)



Complete the application form



Applications are assessed and if approved, our team will then source the fund from panel of investors



If fund is approved, the money will be transferred upon the signing of the contract. If required, A business advisor is then assigned to provide advisory support to your business on how to achieve the best value for your investment



Our leadership team are highly experienced business transformation professionals with different experience in different sectors


Shola Olaogun

Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer


Responsible for managing P&L, external partners and developing the business

Wale Olaogun



Responsible for managing relationships with the investors and setting the strategic direction of the business

Akanbi Akinwunmi BSc(Hons)

Manager - Business Administration


Responsible for client developments, business operations, talents and project delivery.